i just finished a new demo track, “open water” / i’ve been deep in the writing and recording mood again lately, especially with my newly found, albeit uninvited unemployment / but the rains are here in portland with command, the leaves are falling, and i’ve got plenty of wine on hand / so be it! time to write and record some new music and let this inner anxiety fall out among this season of detritus // “open water” is a little different for me, as it is restrained with no unsuspecting chords or key changes / instead i explored a linear songwriting technique with no real verse or chorus, so there is no repeat in the tune / plus i gave some self-to-self vocal harmonies a go for the first time / i’m pretty happy with the final result and like all these “demos” i put up here, perhaps someday it’ll have a chance to be properly recorded in a professional studio / but for now, it’s a simple reflection of my home “studio” with all the character of a cheap microphone and the NW portland streets below // enjoy!


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