the first video component from the latest release, [live with coffee and wine in an apartment], is now posted HERE // more videos from these sessions to come_

our analog technology [thumby]

[live with coffee and wine in an apartment] is finished and ready to share!

the live-lo-Fi project is finished and ready for your consumption / i could say more, but the description i wrote on the bandcamp page says it best / click HERE for the FREE download / i will only mention here that this recording session was the most honest embrace of my music i’ve done – there was no expectation and no pretension – just the songs (and wine or coffee) when the mood struck / i just hope to share what i’ve recorded and i hope it connects with you in some way

i’ll be posting some videos from the sessions in coming weeks/months, so if you’re interested check back occasionally // oh, and i’ll be playing an acoustic set at my beloved M Bar in NW Portland on April 24th / come say hello if you so wish / i’d like that_

new music project in the works for early 2016

i’ve decided to record and release a new collection of songs / they’ll be of just me playing my guitar and singing songs — no overdubs, no effects, no rehearsals, no fancy equipment, and…no audience / but that’s why I have you! i’m going to call it “dKOTA – live with coffee and wine in an apartment” / there’s no need for metaphors for this one // i’ll work on it over the coming weeks, recording as i see fit, and in the key of my mood of the moment / and of course, with coffee or wine, depending on when i find myself behind the microphone / i’ll play old and new songs, traversing what i’ve realized is about 10 years of songwriting

when it’s all packaged and ready i’ll post it up here for audio download (and maybe even iTunes and Amazon) as an “official” release / each song will also have a video component as you see below / there’s probably no need to share all the videos, but i’ll post a few here and on the dKOTA YouTube channel

a demonstration recording for our upcoming full band + solo acoustic double release >>